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Sunday, February 19, 2012

GTO India Taxi Driver Testimony

After driving his taxi without oil for over 250 km... this Taxi cab driver from India really needs to share this story.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skeptic GTO User turns Genuine Believer

A long time skeptic turns into a genuine believer yesterday after conducting a Before and After Emissions Test on his car.

The subject vehicle: Toyota REVO 2.0 Diesel 2L Engine
Condition: Wel Maintained
Oil Used: probably Synthetic

The initial Emissions Test posted 1.9% Carbon Monoxide

This is actually a very impressive figure considering its a used car... probably more than 10 year old model.

GTO treatment was done and immediately, the vehicle was emission tested.

The reading was...

1.23% CO

He is amazed!

He expects this to drop further in the coming days since GTO hasnt been able to circulate long enough in the engine.

However, in the short span of time after the treatment, GTO has proven itself in terms of how quickly it worked!

The owner promised to send his testimony soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

GTO on a Mitsubishi Delica from Benguet Baguio

1. Nickname or full name: Newsboy

2. Title: Newsboy

3. Car Type, year model etc.: Mitsubishi delica, 4d56 turbo, slightly big wheels

4. Condition Before GTO: Engine is in very good condition with low smoke emission at 5000ft altitude.

5. Condition After GTO: Engine vibration is reduced, better sound than before, with increased in power and black smoke is further reduced even at a very stiff hill climbs. Can feel that power lost due to friction is tremendously reduced which leads to more power at both low and high RPM.

6. Feedback after a period of time (weeks, months, years): In one week time of applying GTO, I have realized that performance and power got married into my van's engine. I can feel that slight increase in torque evertime I drive my van. But that slight increase in torque makes a very big difference in my driving attitude. Due to a lot of factors affecting the purity of getting the data here in the mountainous area, I will not provide a fuel consumption comparison for now. But what I can say is, I am getting less throttle pressure required to accelerate than before. This should mean less throttle pressure is fuel savings.

7. Remarks: I am convinced that GTO exceeded my expectations considering the effect of altittude which is at 5000 ft above standard atmospheric pressure. With the improvements I am getting in my van today, I am confident that I will gain a big fuel savings in highways and throughways.

8. Location: Baguio CIty, Benguet Province - Mountain Trails

Saturday, April 16, 2011

20 kpl Hit!

nag butang kog GTOil atong april 4...

20km sa isa ka litro ako nakwenta... WOW...
abi nakog binotbot tong ingun nila nga naay multicab 200+km/liter...

ang 9km pajud sa akong na byahi kai puro pasaka... 3rd gear 4th gear dayun usahay mo abot 4 and idle speed... wa pjaud nako gi 4 wheel... wala ko nag aircon...